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Meet Primrose, a lovely three-year-old German Shepherd mix ready to brighten your days! She isn't your average pup; she's a charming and spirited gal eager to join you through life's adventures 💕 While she may need to take it easy on the physical front due to some mild hip dysplasia, Primrose thrives on mental stimulation and interactive play. Whether it's puzzle toys, training sessions, or gentle walks, she's eager to engage her mind and bond with her forever family. While she can be a bit cautious around other dogs and selective in her canine friendships - patient and slow introductions are key to helping her with any socialization. Alternatively, she may flourish as the sole dog in the household, basking in all the love and attention 🥰 It's important to mention that Primrose is best suited to a home without feline companions. Primrose is seeking a family who understands her need for both mental stimulation and affection - a home where she can receive plenty of interactive play, love, and guidance. If you're ready to embrace this charming girl, ask to meet her today!

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