Red, White, & YOU!

MCAS is holding a beginning of summer adoption special through the entire month of July. Adoption fees are reduced for all animals. Learn more, share, and see available pets!

Adoption fees are reduced for all adoptable animals at Multnomah County Animal Services, and in volunteer foster homes.

Adoption Fees:

Dogs & Puppies: $25

Cats & Kittens: $15

Rabbits & Pocket Pets $5

License fees apply.

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MCAS is seeking to incentivize adoption and reduce the shelter population.

Before adopting, please consider the long-term expenses, commitment, lifestyle requirements, and health needs of a companion animal. Learn more.

Reducing Adoption Fees is Effective and Saves Lives

Reducing adoption fees as a practice is supported by multiple Animal Welfare industry leaders, including Maddie’s Fund, The Humane Society of the United States - Adopter’s Welcome Program, Best Friends, and the ASPCA. Reducing adoption fees provides an extra incentive to adopt, can reduce an animal’s length of stay in the shelter, and save lives.

Adoption Counseling Process

During a reduced-fee adoption, adoption counselors work to pair adopters with shelter animals compatible with their lifestyle in order to meet the respective needs of animals and adopters. Adopters complete applications which adoption counselors review, and they receive the same amount of counseling and resources as other adoptions to help them succeed.

Adoption Special
Red, White, & You!
Red, White, & YOU!