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Bogey is a young, energetic Pit Bull eager to find his forever home. This lovable guy can be a bit nervous and hesitant in new situations and wary around new people, but with patience and understanding, he quickly warms up and shows his true, affectionate self.

Bogey is currently working on his manners and can be a bit jumpy and mouthy, so he would do best in a home with kids aged 12 and up who can understand and help with his training. His love for treats makes him highly motivated and an excellent candidate for positive reinforcement training, which will be key to helping him become the best version of himself.

In the shelter, Bogey has done well in playgroups with certain dogs, although he can be selective about his canine companions. Proper introductions are essential to ensure a harmonious match. His play style with other dogs is rough and rowdy, so a similarly spirited playmate would be ideal.

If you're ready to offer Bogey a loving home with plenty of guidance, patience, and playtime, he promises to bring endless joy and loyalty into your life. Let's help Bogey find the loving family he deserves! 🐶❤️

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