Pet Licensing Grace Period

Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) will provide a grace period for pet licensing requirements during the current state of emergency.

Multnomah County requires every owned dog or cat to be licensed.

Oregon State Law and Multnomah County Ordinance require that dogs and cats must have a current rabies vaccination in order for MCAS to issue a pet license. MCAS recognizes the barriers to obtain a rabies vaccination due to current guidance for social distancing. Some veterinary clinics providing rabies vaccinations are closed, and residents are encouraged to stay at home except for urgent needs and emergencies.

Pet licensing is still a requirement, and MCAS will continue to send license renewal notifications by e-mail and through the mail. Owners of pets with a current rabies vaccine are encouraged to renew online.

Having an unlicensed dog or cat is a Class C violation of Multnomah County Code § 13.101, and carries a fine of $100 for a first time offense.

MCAS will temporarily suspend citations for non-compliance with pet license laws for the duration of the current state of emergency, and will provide a sixty (60) day grace period after the state of emergency is officially lifted in order for pet owners to obtain a rabies vaccination if needed to comply with license requirements.

Amber the shelter dog (adopted)