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Animal ID: 307094
Khuyến Nghị Không Nuôi Mèo Trong Nhà

Chi tiết

Giống: Chó Sục Pit Bull Mỹ
Giới tính: Đực
Tuổi: 1 year 4 months
Cân nặng: 69 lbs
Kích thước: Lớn
Loại Bộ Lông: Ngắn, Mượt
Màu: Trắng, Nâu
Màu Mắt: Nâu
Loại Tai: Cụp
Loại Đuôi: Thuần Giống
Vị trí: Trung Tâm Cứu Trợ Troutdale

Chi phí ước tính

Chi phí nhận con nuôi: $160.00
Lệ phí cấp giấy phép: $27.00 (Multnomah County residents only)

Về tôi

Meet Jojo, the diamond in the rough who's been patiently waiting for his chance to shine! Despite spending some time at the shelter, Jojo's spirit remains unbroken, and his heart is as big as ever! Jojo has been a staff/volunteer favorite since the day he arrived with his soulful eyes. Though the shelter walls provide temporary refuge, Jojo dreams of a life beyond these confines- a life filled with laughter, companionship, and endless adventures.  It is important to note that Jojo has some specific needs. He is a particular guy, meaning he might not get along with all animals or people right off the bat. He cannot live with cats or smaller animals as he can get too rough with them. So far he has been okay around other dogs in play groups but any introductions should be slow and supervised. He may also face some challenges when it comes to sharing possessions. However, Jojo is a quick learner and would benefit greatly from obedience training to help him become the best version of himself. With consistency and positive reinforcement, he's sure to excel and become the loyal companion you've always dreamed of! With each passing day, Jojo eagerly awaits the moment when he can finally find his forever family, a place where he can call home and shower his unconditional love upon those who cherish him. If you are ready to open your heart and home to a furry friend who will forever be grateful, then Jojo is the one for you!
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