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Animal ID: 273160
Khuyến Nghị Không Nuôi Mèo Trong Nhà

Chi tiết

Giống: Mèo Nuôi Lông Ngắn
Giới tính: Đực
Tuổi: 1 year 9 months
Cân nặng: 10 lbs
Màu: Nâu nhạt
Vị trí: Nhà Nuôi Dưỡng

Chi phí ước tính

Chi phí nhận con nuôi: $80.00
Lệ phí cấp giấy phép: $15.00 (Multnomah County residents only)

Về tôi

Hi Baby here. My foster mom and I decided to update my bio as I've made some changes. I'm a little bit older and a little bit wiser. Not too wise, just a little. I'm a little calmer than when I first came to my foster home. I still have my endearing wild side but I'm better able to control it most of the time. I like to play with my foster mom. We often play with a wand toy. You know those toys that have something dangling at the end that I can chase. At first I didn't pay any attention to them but now I'll chase them. I'm even learning to jump for it once in a while :). I have a favorite little rubber ball. I'll bat that little ball all over my room. I'll even bite into it and then drop it to make it bounce. I'm so smart!! Sometimes it gets trapped and my foster mom has to find it. Sometimes I make it especially hard for her to find. I'm working on new hiding places. I'm a very curious cat. Every time my foster mom opens the closet in my room I'm right there trying to crawl over everything. I know that she keeps my wand toy in there. Any new thing that comes into my room I check it out thoroughly. I still would prefer no other cats in my forever home. And maybe no little children. I've never told anyone if I know or care what a dog is. Actually I would do best in a quiet home where I'm the one who is doing all the activity. I could probably accept older children. They just need to know that I can still get too excited with too much going on. Even in a quieter home there are times when I can get too excited. If that happens I just need some time to myself. I'm also on meds to help with my over excitement. I don't usually sit on my foster mom's lap. I do sit or sleep in a cat bed close by. Maybe someday I'll be a lap cat. Or not! I'll still love you whether or not I learn to curl up on your lap! I'm usually not a big talker. If I do meow it's probably because my foster mom is late, I think with my meals or I really want some attention. I'm usually not very demanding. My foster mom tells me that if she didn't have her own cats she would adopt me in a nano second. Alas, there are household cats so I must find my own wonderful home. If you're interested in me you can fill out the forms online and talk to an adoption counselor. Ask them all the questions that you may have. I'll be waiting to hear from you!
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