Happy Adoption Story: Toast (Annabelle)

Annabelle has been renamed to Toast! She seems to be learning her name already. She acclimated well right away and is already loving her new home! It only took a few days of slow introductions to her brother, Binx, and they are totally fine with each other. I’m sure they will be friends soon enough once Binx can stop giving her jealous looks. (Don’t worry, they are both getting plenty of love and attention!) Toast has been loving roaming the house and finding a cozy spot to look out all the windows, and she has never once gone up or down the stairs at a normal pace. She loves sprinting on the tile and hardwood floors downstairs. She also likes to chase Binx and try to play, but he’s not quite ready for that with her yet. Needless to say, Toast is utterly purrfect. She is playful and crazy, but also settles down and doesn’t cause *too* much destruction. She is sweet and loving, but she spends a lot of time going off and doing her own thing too. Though I notice she prefers to be around people when she’s chilling out—even when there was a vacuum and carpet cleaning machine to either side of her, loud as can be, she decided she wanted to loaf and hang out with her new people amongst the noise. She is truly an unbothered girl at her core. She is so sweet and cuddly, just absolutely LOVES people, and she hasn’t yet met a hand she doesn’t want to jump up to and give a snug. (My family calls this cat behavior a “jump snug” btw, in case anyone wants to use that terminology.) She lets you hold and carry her around pretty much any way, lets you touch her ears and paws, and lets you rest your head on her to hear her purrs. And she has no shortage of purrs—as soon as you pet her or put her on your chest, the purring starts instantly. My boyfriend Ethan, who of course was the one who told me I don’t need another cat, is absolutely smitten with his new little kitten. And I say *his* kitten because he is moving in this month, and has claimed her as his baby now. He is so excited to see her and love on her all day, everyday. All in all, Toast is settled into her new home life and is very happy and comfy! She has lots of people who love her, and she loves them. I think she and her new brother will love each other soon enough, too. She is a resilient little girl, and now she gets to live the rest of her life in comfort and luxury, surrounded by love. I’m just so happy I get to do that for her now!


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