Emergency Response & Rescue

If your emergency involves a life-threatening situation for a human beingcall 911.

If you have a domestic animal-related emergency during business hours, 7 days/week, call (503) 988-7387.


Domestic Animal-related emergencies - Call 911 or local non-emergency police:

  • Dog and cat bites that break the skin (unless the animal is confined)
  • Animal abuse (if the animal is in distress or immediate danger)
  • Pet in a hot, parked car

Domestic Animal-related urgent situation, call (503) 988-7387 for after hours service:

  • Stray pet on a highway or busy street
  • Stray livestock (if you are unable to locate the owner or safely confine the animal)
  • Loose, aggressive dog
  • Sick or injured stray animal

Stray Pet on a Highway or Busy Street

If the animal is friendly and you are able to get a hold of it without endangering yourself or the animal, please do so. If the animal is clearly frightened, do not attempt to capture it. This may make the situation worse and frightened animals often bite.

If you are able to safely collect the animal, you may bring it to our shelter in Troutdale during normal shelter hours. See additional options for found pets.

If you can not safely collect the animal, please call (503) 988-7387 to report an emergency.

Stray Livestock

If the animal can not be safely confined or returned to its owner, call (503) 988-7387 to report an emergency.

If the animal can be safely confined, call (503) 988-7387 during regular call center hours and arrange to have an animal control officer investigate.

Loose, Aggressive Dog

For incidents that have occurred within the past 15 minutes, call (503) 988-7387 immediately.

Dog and Cat Bites That Break the Skin

Confined animals

Call (503) 988-7387 during normal phone hours to file a report. An animal control officer will contact the owner regarding quarantine procedures.

Unconfined animals

  • If you know who owns the animal, call (503) 988-7387 during normal phone hours.
  • If it is an unconfined stray or feral cat, call (503) 988-7387 immediately to report an emergency.
  • If the animal is an unconfined, aggressive dog call (503) 988-7387 immediately to report an emergency.

Animal Abuse or Neglect

If an animal is being abused and is in immediate distress, call (503) 988-7387 immediately to report an emergency.

If you want to report an animal abuse or neglect situation for a pet that is not in immediate danger, please call (503) 988-7387 during regular call center hours. If necessary, you may remain anonymous. 

You will be asked to provide details of what you’ve observed that may constitute neglect or abuse. Use the guidelines below.

Minimum Care Standards for Animals

Multnomah County Ordinances and Oregon State Law (ORS 167.310) require that animals have:

Not providing for a pet's basic needs is considered neglect. We rely on members of the community to report when animals are being mistreated. If you are uncertain whether a situation is a case of abuse/neglect, it is better to call us before it is too late and animal control officers will help make the determination.

Pet in a Hot, Parked Car

If you see or hear about a pet in a hot car, it's important to respond immediately. Lives are at stake. Temperatures in a car parked in the sun, even with cracked windows, can escalate to dangerous levels very quickly. 

Locate the animal’s owner if possible and have them rectify the situation.

If the owner is unwilling to comply, or you can’t immediately find the owner and you believe the animal’s life is in jeopardy, call (503) 988-7387 to report an emergency. Dispatchers will ask you about what you observe, and advise of next steps: 

  • Is the vehicle in the shade or the sun? 
  • Does the animal appear to exhibit any of the signs of heatstroke?
    • Symptoms of heatstroke in dogs include excessive panting, glassy eyes, weakness, fast heart rate, drooling, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and a body temperature over 104 F.
  • Animal Control Officers and municipal police departments will respond to assist you.
  • Citizens are legally permitted to enter a vehicle and remove pets or children in imminent danger of suffering harm if certain requirements are met, as per Oregon HB 2732.
    • Multnomah County Animal Services or law enforcement must be notified of your emergency entry into the vehicle prior to or soon after the pets are removed. You must also remain with the removed pets in a safe location near the vehicle until Animal Services or law enforcement arrives.

Sick or Injured Stray Animal

If the animal is yours

If the sick or injured animal is yours, call your vet immediately. Owners are responsible for their own animals. Also, Dove Lewis offers emergency vet care, learn more about operating hours and availability of these services.

If the animal is not yours

If possible, keep the animal protected from wet, wind and traffic. Locate and inform the animal’s owner. If you cannot locate the owner and you feel the injury/illness is life threatening, call (503) 988-7387 to report an emergency. Stay near the animal until an officer arrives. Do not attempt to move the animal unless it is in danger of being hit by a vehicle. The animal may feel threatened and bite out of fear and/or pain.

If the injury or sickness does not appear to be life threatening, call (503) 988-7387 during regular call center hours.


Contact the Portland Audubon Society at (503) 292-0304.


Contact Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife at one of the following locations

  • (971) 673-6000 Clackamas ODFW office (use if east of Willamette River)
  • (503) 621-3488 Sauvie Island ODFW office (use if west of Willamette River)

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