Living With Wildlife

Multnomah County Animal Services generally does not deal with wildlife nuisances. Here are regional resources to help you manage and resolve issues with wildlife.

Urban Coyotes

For coyote issues, contact one of the following:

Report Coyote Sightings and Experiences

Tips for Reducing Human-Coyote Conflicts*

*From Portland Audubon

  • Keep pets like small dogs and cats inside and allow only safe access to the outdoors (fenced yards, leashes, or catios). Always keep pets in from dusk to dawn when coyotes are most active. 
  • Never deliberately feed a coyote or other wild mammal.
  • Securely cover garbage cans and compost bins.
  • Remove fallen fruit from yards.
  • Eliminate opportunities for rats to breed in / around your yard.
  • Never deliberately approach a coyote and teach children to respect all wildlife from a distance.
  • To prevent coyotes from entering your yard, consider removing unnecessary brush, installing a motion-sensitive lighting system, or installing a coyote proof fence. To be effective, fences must be at least six feet tall, have no openings greater than four inches, and should extend flush with the ground.
  • If you do not want coyotes around your home, let them know that they are not welcome. If you see a coyote, shout and make noise, wave your arms.


For issues with rodents, see Multnomah County Vector Control's rat information page.

Other Wildlife

Portland Audubon offers tips for managing encounters with wildlife, including:

For additional questions regarding wildlife, you may contact the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) at one of the following offices:

  • (971) 673-6000 Clackamas ODFW office (use if east of Willamette River)
  • (503) 621-3488 Sauvie Island ODFW office (use if west of Willamette River)
Coyote portrait

Christopher Bruno, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons