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Your donations enable us to give a little extra to the animals in our care and your help is greatly appreciated.

Read the auditor's review of MCAS donation accounts, and our response and commitment to spend donations efficiently and meaningfully for the animals in our care.

This fund helps us promote and increase adoptions of shelter animals. Donations support special outreach events, adoption advertising, and grooming expenses. Donations to this fund also improve facilities for animals we care for at the shelter.

Donations made to this fund helps us provide medical care for animals in need of emergency surgeries and veterinary care before they can be placed into a new home. This fund is named in honor of our well-known, rehabilitated shelter dog "Dolly", who came into the shelter in very poor condition. Read Dolly's story.

This fund helps to support our Kitten Triage/Nursery Project. During "kitten season" we care for hundreds of kittens (12 weeks and younger) in a dedicated unit with highly trained staff and volunteers who provide 24-hour care to the kittens. Most of these kittens are orphaned bottle babies requiring extensive care and feeding. This program was established in 2014 and since that time we have achieved a 91% save rate for kittens. Please help us care for these precious kitties!

This fund supports the capital campaign effort for a new facility in the city of Portland.

This fund supports surgeries for low-income families.

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