Hi! My name is Tim Tam

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At this time, community members aren't able to visit the shelter to browse adoption kennels, and adoptions are limited to the virtual process. Tim Tam is a quirky, intelligent, and athletic cat who wants to share love and affection on her own terms and needs to lose a few pounds. Tim Tam loves wand toys of all kinds, rattly mice, and catnip. She can chase a laser pointer red dot like a sprinter and snag a moth out of midair all while giving the cutest chirps and squeaks. She will flourish in a home with her own human(s) and without other cats or children under 12-years. She is particular about where she is touched but it's easy to catch on to her signals. Tim Tam loves to give headbutts and sideswipes and nose kisses. She dislikes having her belly and legs touched. The head is good and the back is sometimes ok, but you have to know what's what. Dogs are an unknown. She is an altogether wonderful cat and will make someone a fantastic and interesting companion. Interested in Tim Tam? Learn more about her today by applying to adopt her! Her time in foster care has told us so many things that we would love to share with you!

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