Deceased Animals & End of Life Services

Deceased Personal Pets

MCAS does not offer pickup for personal pets, but the following resources are available for end-of-life services and cremation.

  • Oregon Humane Society: End of life services, including euthanasia and cremation fees, vary from $14 to $581 depending on your pet’s weight. Appointments are needed. Please call (503) 285-7722
  • Dove Lewis: Euthanasia services for very sick and declining pets only. Application and low-income criteria apply. (503) 228-7281
  • Family Animal Services: Communal cremation services are $30 for a pet up to 30 pounds (animals over 30 pounds are $30 plus 60 cents per pound). (Ashes not returned.) Tell them you were referred by MCAS to qualify for this offer. (503) 665-8300

Deceased Pets & Domestic Animals on Public Property

For deceased pets please call us at (503) 988-7387 during regular phone hours to file a report or use the Deceased Animal Removal Request form. Our animal services officers will remove dead domestic animals and pets on public property (except freeways). Deceased cats and dogs will be checked for microchips so owners can be contacted.

Request a Deceased Pet Pickup

Officers are unable to pick up deceased animals on private property, and finders are advised to move them to a discreet area in the public right-of-way, in a box or bag if found in an inaccessible location.

We encourage finders of deceased animals to be as specific as possible in their reports to describe the location and nature of each find, position relative to the curb, and any bags or containers used, as face-to-face clarifications with officers are to be avoided as much as possible.

Dead stray animals and wildlife on freeways are removed by The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). If the animal presents an immediate hazard, see the ODOT info for road hazards. (ODOT only responds to dead animals on freeways, not local roads.)


If you find a deceased rabbit, please report it directly to the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA), who are currently tracking and preventing the spread of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2). Please call 1-800-347-7028 or visit to report domestic or wild rabbits which are suspected to have died from RHDV2.

Deceased Wildlife

Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) contracts with a community partner to pickup deceased wildlife on public property (except highways). Pickup may take up to 72 hrs.

Request a Deceased Wildlife Pickup

Members of the public are also permitted to dispose of small deceased wildlife in their garbage.

How to handle and dispose of deceased wildlife


If you find a dead bird and suspect that it died of a disease, please submit a report to Multnomah County Vector Control or the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW).

Dead birds may be disposed of in the same manner as other wildlife.