Adoption Information

Adoption Fees

To visit with adoptable pets that are hosted at other sites, please check with our Community Adoption Partners.

Adoption Process

  • Search for adoptable pets online at
  • Visit the shelter to meet with one animal at a time during open hours.

For In-Person Adoptions at the Shelter

  • Individuals who reside in Multnomah County will need to purchase a pet license for dogs or cats at the time of adoption. 
  • Adoptions will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Adopters will not be able to submit applications to adopt animals in advance, or place adoption holds on animals.
  • Adopters will be able to meet with one animal at a time. 
  • We will be unable to assist with pet-to-pet meets. Please keep your furry friends at home, adoptable pets will not be able to meet resident pets at the shelter. This includes dog-to-dog or cat-to-cat meets. MCAS staff will provide resources and guidance for how and when to introduce newly adopted pets at home.
  • Prepare enough time for your visit. Adopters should expect that it may be up to two (2) hours at the shelter to process an adoption, including meeting pets, an adoption consultation, and waiting periods. Wait times may be significantly longer on weekends.
  • Our adoption process, including adoption counseling, will end at 3:30 pm. We encourage you to show up as early as possible. Adopters may continue to browse adoptable pets at the shelter, but the queue for new adoption counseling sessions will close, and new adoptions may not be processed.

For Pets in Foster Care

Apply to adopt pets in foster

  • Apply online for the pet you are interested in by filling out the online application.
  • Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed, and you will receive automated responses for next steps.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. If you are a good match for this pet, you will receive a phone call from either a staff member or the foster parent to discuss the pet, and what your needs are.
  • Once it is determined that you and the pet are a good match, a plan will be made with the foster parent for you to meet the pet.
  • We are currently unable to assist with pet-to-pet meets. Please keep your furry friends at home. If you proceed with the adoption, you will need to complete the adoption agreement online and pay any adoption fees and licensing.

Apply online to adopt pets in foster care

Required Supplies

Please bring required supplies when you pick up your adopted pet. Collars and leashes are no longer available for purchase.

For Cats

  • Collar
  • License
  • Carrier (A temporary carrier is provided)

For Dogs

  • Collar
  • License
  • Leash

Jackyl the cat

Dawn P.

Ava the dog

Laura H.

Adoption Fees

Adoption Specials

Check on current adoption specials.

Adoption Specials

Regular Adoption Fees

Dog adoptions

  • $300 for puppies under 7 months
  • $160 for dogs between 7 months and under 6 years
  • $60 for dogs 6 years and older

Cat adoptions

  • $150 for kittens under 7 months
  • $80 for cats between 7 months and under 6 years
  • $30 for cats 6 years and older
  • BOGO- Adopt a pair of cats of any age and the second cat (equal or lesser fee) will be half the normal adoption fee. Not applicable with other offers. Consider adopting bonded pairs, or adopt a senior mentor cat for your kitten.

Rabbits or Ferrets

  • $30

Pocket Pets (Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats, etc)

  • $10

Reptiles & Amphibians

  • $15


  • $15 for domestic birds
  • $125 for exotic birds

Adoption fees include the following services:

  • Spay/neuter surgery*
  • First set of vaccinations, including rabies*
  • Health exam at a vet clinic
  • Microchip

Please note: Pet license fees are not included in the price of adoption and must be paid separately. You can see our licensing fees here.

*A voucher may be provided for spay/neuter surgery and or rabies vaccination after adoption, depending on veterinary staff availability to complete these services at MCAS.

Before Adopting, Please Consider...


Pets come with some built-in expenses. Consider the following expenses and how they could affect your household budget: food, toys, pet bed, crate, grooming, vet visits (yearly shots, check-ups, unforeseen illness or emergencies), training classes, annual license fees, collar, leash, tags, scratching posts, litter box/ litter, dog house, etc. Start-up costs for new pets generally run from $200-300.


Life expectancies for dogs and cats generally range from 10 to 18 years. Are you and your family prepared to make this lengthy commitment to the animal you would like to adopt?

Pet ownership also includes responsibilities for training, vet care and other things necessary for the pet to lead a comfortable, happy life. Many of the animals in our shelter have previous life histories that are unknown to us. Therefore, undesirable behaviors could show up after you have the animal at home.

Please be prepared to deal with possible chewing, clawing, barking or house soiling while your pet adjusts to your home. All of these behaviors are easily correctable, but require a commitment to teaching your pet. Adoption staff can advise you in this area.


It is important for you to choose a pet whose personality and care/exercise needs fit your family. Some dogs require lots of exercise, some pets are better with children, and some age groups of puppies and kittens are better suited to young kids. If you have questions about which animal would make the best pet for you, please consult with our adoption staff.


Animals in our shelter may have been exposed to a variety of health issues while at large or here in our shelter. While we make every effort to adopt a healthy pet to you, please be prepared for the possibility that the pet could become ill and if so, you will be required to pay for needed vet care. However, we will provide treatment for upper respiratory infections and other common diseases up to 14 days after adoption.

Some animals may have known health problems that can be managed. Our animal health staff can advise you in this area.

Pets as Gifts

If adopting for friends or family, consider tips from the ASPCA on adopting and gifting responsibly.

Is Now the Right Time?

Think about whether the person you’re gifting a pet to can care for them now and in the future.

  • Only gift pets to those who have expressed interest in having a new companion animal.
  • If for a child, make sure parents consent and can assume care for the pet.
  • Do they have time and energy to care for a new companion animal? Any allergies?
  • Do they have the right supplies or resources?

If gift-giving time is hectic, consider giving a place-holder for the adopted pet, and introducing them when the environment is more calm.