Happy Adoption Story: Huey Lewis (Max)

My husband and I adopted Huey Lewis, formerly Max, on January 14th 2023. On Christmas Eve, we had to put down our 18 year old cat that was my baby for almost his whole life. We had already decided after Pedro went that we would always keep a spot open for an elderly kitty needing a safe, loving place to live out the golden years. After Pedro left us, I had been casually looking at senior kitties for adoption for a couple weeks, and Huey Lewis was always there. He looked so sad and scared. The day Multnomah County opened back up for in person adoptions, he was one of two cats in the shelter. We got there and waited in line for the shelter to open, met Huey, and decided he belonged with us. I'm so incredibly thankful that he was there when I needed him, and that we could be there for him. Huey Lewis is a happy, healthy, and very lazy old man, and we love him so much. Senior kitties are the best!


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Huey Lewis the cat
Huey Lewis the cat