Happy Adoption Story: Jessica

My husband and I adopted 4-year-old "Jessica" from Sherwood's Cat Adoption Team in late July. She had been transferred from MCAS. We were told that Jessica was surrendered by an older gentleman who had to go into assisted living, and was not allowed to bring her. I had to move my father into a memory care facility last year and can only imagine how much worse it would have been if he had also left a companion behind. I think about her former owner often. It took no time for Jessica to win our hearts (and take over the house!) She is unbelievably polite, well-mannered, and (best of all) cuddly. Her morning naps in my lap are now my favorite part of the day. My husband and I are smitten by her perfectly crooked mustache and extra long whiskers. We don't have any children or other pets so she gets all of our spare attention - it's impossible not to spoil her. She is also always making us laugh with her antics. We have lots of big windows and she loves spying on the squirrels and neighbor cats. If you do have information about Jessica's former owner, and you think it would be a good idea, please let him know that Jessica found a loving home and that he did a phenomenal job of raising a perfect little lady.


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Happy Adoption
Jessica, a cat adopted from Cat Adoption Team, transferred from MCAS