Happy Adoption Story: Bodhi

I don't know where to start. Adopting a dog for my birthday was just a thought I had one Tuesday morning and when I decided to take 10 minutes to scroll the adoptable dogs. I never expected I'd be saying I'd pick him up the next day. Sounds impulsive- and it was- but Bodhi is the best gift I have ever given myself. He gives me routine and makes sure I'm paying attention and not idle for too long. I've never in my life been on so many walks and he has made more friends in my neighborhood than I have in 2 years. He is smart and funny and loves attention. I'm learning how to read his face and body language. He loves people, kids, and other dogs. He hugs me like a kid and does these cute little grunting happy noises. I even love arguing with him. And everyday I can't believe the luck of my timing and how that thought led me to my best friend. Thank you so much for this happy boy.


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Happy Adoption
Bodhi the dog looks up, laying on his back