Happy Adoption Story: Skadi (Cherry)

Sometimes magic strikes twice. That's the case for me, a bunny person of more than 35 years, when I have adopted from MCAS. Having done rabbit rescue for years, I preferred to adopt someone who was not likely to be chosen. I connected with a New Zealand White who had been taken to the shelter with TEN other pets when the human family was overwhelmed and couldn't handle them. He was going through a massive shed, exploding white fur everywhere, so we named him Ullr after the Norse god of snow and ice. He is PERFECT! He's a gentle, sweet lap rabbit, and will literally sit in my lap being petted for hours. In all my years with house rabbits - they are always free range in the house as a cat might be - I have never had a bunny so flawless. After he adjusted to our household, we. knew it was time to get him a companion with four feet and longer ears than the resident cat and two humans have. Whoever we adopted was going to have to meet the very high bar that Ullr has set for Rabbit Perfection.
This wasn't going to be easy. Due to health concerns during COVID no in-person adoptions could happen. However, the online process was smooth and once again I chose a New Zealand White, one that came from another large household of nine pets. I took a chance and chose the one that looked like she might not be the first choice for someone else but might be just right for our household and most importantly for Ullr. She had a damaged ear from a fight and was very timid. We named her Skadi, after the Norse goddess of winter - a natural match for Ullr.
She was shy and obviously nervous her first day but after two days her personality began to shine and she wanted to explore! On the third day I started the bonding process with Ullr - I've bonded dozens of rabbits but it was never this easy. I sat on the floor with Ullr on my lap and Skadi a couple feet away with a big pile of parsley. She quietly munched her parsley while they looked at each other. After she finished her snack I cautiously lifted Ullr from my lap, ready to separate them if needed. To my surprise and delight, he went right up to Skadi and the two simply melted together, sitting side by side as if they had known each other all their lives.
It was a perfect match. Skadi is nearly as perfect as Ullr is and that's saying something! New Zealand Whites are wonderful rabbits, mellow, clever and they love attention. They're inseparable and do everything together. Now we're back to being a "Two Rabbit Household" - and I think everyone is going to live happily ever after.

Cindy S.

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Skadi and Ullr, two white rabbits