Community Feedback Results Released in Phase 2 of MCAS Review

The second phase of Chair Jessica Vega Pederson’s Review of Multnomah County Animal Services gathered feedback from volunteers, current and former staff, partner agencies, and members of the public. Lara Media Services was contracted as an independent party to gather detailed feedback from stakeholders in interviews, small groups, and a survey. Findings are available in the official report produced by Lara Media.

Cover Letter from Chair Jessica Vega Pederson to Multnomah County Commissioners

Complete Phase 2 Community Engagement Report

Here are some key takeaways from public feedback

Stakeholders appreciate:

  • The hard work and dedication of MCAS volunteers and staff
  • The foster and volunteer programs
  • Services available for animals besides dogs and cats
  • The pet licensing program

Stakeholders want to see improvements in:

  • Animal care
  • The shelter facility
  • The spay & neuter program
  • Veterinary services provided to animals
  • Increased internal and external communications
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Training for staff
  • Recruitment for staff and volunteers

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This detailed feedback will be incorporated into work plans to address these significant issues. Thank you to stakeholders for participating in the community feedback portion of the review.

Next Steps

After the development and release of Phase 3, MCAS will post regular updates on progress made towards ongoing process improvements and addressing key issues.

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