Reclaiming Your Pet

Reuniting pets with their people is a top priority at MCAS. Make sure you have everything you need to reclaim your pet if you see an animal that might be yours on our found animal reports, if you’re visiting the shelter to look for your lost pet, or when an MCAS staff member calls to let you know we have your pet at the shelter. 

When To Reclaim Your Pet

You can visit Multnomah County Animal Services to reclaim your pet during regular business hours. You can also visit on Wednesday, when the shelter is closed for other services, from 1 - 4 pm.

It’s important to reclaim your pet as soon as possible. Every animal has a stray hold period at the shelter. You may unintentionally relinquish ownership of your pet if not reclaimed by the hold date.

Stray Hold Period

  • If your pet has a collar, tags, or a microchip - 6 days (144 hours) from the date of impound.*
  • If your pet doesn’t have any identification - 3 days (72 hours) from the date of impound.*

Let a staff member know if you are having trouble getting to the shelter by the hold date.

*The standard period of time MCAS will hold a stray animal for their owners is set by county ordinance 13.505. MCAS may extend hold times on a case by case basis in the interest of reuniting animals with their owners, however, you must notify MCAS of the need for an extension prior to the hold time expiring.

What You Need to Reclaim Your Pet

There are important steps to follow to establish ownership, ensuring that pets are reunited with their rightful owners.

1. Photo ID

Staff need to establish who you are before reuniting you with your pet. Bring a driver’s license, government issued ID, school ID card, or a comparable form of identification.

2. Proof of Ownership 

Proof of ownership is required for redemption. Proof of ownership may be established by providing at least one of the following types of documentation:

  • Proof of pet licensing with MCAS or other municipal authority
  • Microchip information
  • Rabies vaccination certificate
  • Veterinarian records
  • Identification of a unique tattoo

If none of the above items are available, MCAS may accept clear photographs that distinguish the animal from other animals with similar characteristics. This option may be considered as a last resort, and may not be sufficient if the pictures do not clearly match the pet.

3. Proof of Rabies Vaccination and Current Pet License

Bring proof of rabies vaccination if available. If your dog or cat’s rabies vaccination isn’t current, MCAS staff will provide a timeframe and resources to obtain a vaccination.

If your pet is not currently licensed, you will need to license it when you reclaim.

4. Equipment

Make sure you bring a collar and leash for dogs, and a carrier for cats, if applicable. These items may also be available for purchase at MCAS.

5. Impound and Board Fees

In response to COVID-19, fees are currently waived to reclaim stray pets.

  • The following fees are provided as an estimate.
  • Fees may be adjusted, or payment plans may be established with proof of financial hardship.
  • Board fees are not charged if your pet is picked up the same day as they are impounded.


  • Impound fees for dogs are $50 for the first impound, $100 for the second, and $200 for the third and subsequent impounds.
  • Board fees are $15 per day.


  • Impound fees for cats are $30.
  • Board fees are $10 per day. 

Other Pets & Livestock

  • Impound fees for all other animals are $30.
  • Board fees are $15 per day.


For any questions about reclaiming your pet, please call 503-988-7387.

Reedy, a cat reunited with family
Reedy the cat reunited
Junebug the dog reunited
Junebug reunited