Staff Spotlight: Dr. Meghan Romney - Fifteen Years

Dr. Meghan Romney celebrates fifteen (15) years as a shelter veterinarian at Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS), a division of the Department of Community Services, and as a Multnomah County Employee.

Young Meghan wanted to be a vet from the time she was nine-years-old, participating in 4H dog training, grooming, and care in her hometown of Gig Harbor, WA. Later, as a Washington State alumni, Dr. Romney realized her dream, starting to practice veterinary medicine in Vancouver, WA, and in NE Portland, where she was mentored by the compassionate and supportive Dr. Deborah Rotman.

Dr. Romney’s first work for MCAS was in the new “Spay Station” mobile veterinary unit- now converted for use as the Kitten Triage Trailer, and she has practiced shelter veterinary medicine at the Troutdale shelter ever since. “My favorite part about working at MCAS is helping animals that truly need it,” Dr. Romney says. “It's really gratifying to see animals in horrible condition transform into lively, robust, healthy pets. I appreciate being able to play a part in that process.” Dr. Romney finds her purpose in helping animals that don’t have their own people to advocate for them, and may not receive help without the shelter. She also enjoys working with “excellent staff and fabulous volunteers, who are incredibly uplifting and inspiring.”

From her extensive tenure and perspective, Dr. Romney observes that things are always getting better. Veterinary staff in the now AAHA accredited shelter hospital serve a much more prominent role in day-to-day shelter operations than when she started. Live-release rates for shelter animals are rising, and MCAS continues to grow in its capacity to treat animals with extensive medical needs. Dr Romney’s advice to new employees is to “focus on the positive things- all the ways that you and others are helping animals in need. Think about how many animals are ending up finding good homes, being adopted, and being reunited because of the shelter and your work.”

Thank you, Dr. Meghan Romney, for your continued service to the pets and people of Multnomah County.

Dr. Meghan Romney
Dr. Meghan Romney