Seeking Catio Hosts for the 11th Annual Catio Tour

Submissions to be a Host on the 11th Annual Catio Tour are now open! Does your kitty have a sweet outdoor place to romp? Or lounge in the fresh air? If you have a catio (outdoor enclosure) where she does this safely we want to hear from you!

Apply to be a Catio Host

Sign up to be a Catio Host and inspire others to keep their cats safe at home! Please spread the word to friends and family who have catios and encourage them to apply, too.

Our Cats Safe at Home program founder and partner the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO) created this fun annual event along with Portland Audubon to inspire cat parents to build or buy a catio, which keeps cats safe from outdoor dangers while protecting birds and wildlife from cat predation. And it's working! We know of more than 1,000 catios in the Portland metro area.

The 2023 Catio Tour is on September 9th. Applications to showcase your catio on the tour are now open. For more info about catios and to apply to be a Catio Host, go to

An orange cat viewed through the fencing of a catio

Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Participants on a catio tour

Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon - Ali B.