Scam Targets Lost Pet Owners

Scammers are targeting community members looking for their lost pets!

We’re receiving reports that scammers are pretending to be from MCAS, and telling lost pet owners that they need to pay before they can pickup their pets at the shelter. In some cases, scammers send a code and ask for it to be texted back - which could be used to breach Two-Factor Authentication security to hack personal accounts or create fraudulent Google Voice phone numbers.

Similar scams were recently reported in Central Oregon by OPB.

How can I tell if it’s MCAS?

If you receive a call from MCAS about a lost pet, you won’t be asked to pay before picking up your pet. We also don’t send codes.

MCAS isn’t charging shelter impound or board fees for found animals.

What to do?

If you receive a call or text like this, call MCAS at 503-988-7387 or e-mail to report it.

If possible, please provide:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Lost pet report number
  • Phone number of scammer
  • Date and time of interaction
  • Text of interaction, conversation details, or screenshots
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