Round of Apaws: East Portland Moose Lodge

Thank you to East Portland Moose Lodge 1891 for their fundraising events on March 4, 2023. They raised $2,580 from a rummage sale and dinner event, along with other pet supplies. Donated funds were given in Amazon Gift cards in order to purchase wish list items for animal enrichment. 

Thank you to 15 yr old Tallest, who saved and donated her own money to help the animals. To volunteer, Holly, who made a profile heart for every adoptable pet to decorate the dinner event. Thank you to event organizers, Patty, Dennis the DJ, Randi, Lisa, Tracy, Brooke, Janet, Pat, Catherine, Allison, Leo, Denise, Chris, Tiffany, Ken, Tina, Steve, Angel, Rick, and Diane.

“Multnomah County Animal Services is so appreciative of the generous donations and support from the Moose Lodge and community. In addition to that, we loved the dinner and dance event that marked the end of that special day. I would say a good time was had by all!”

Erin Grahek, MCAS Director

Thank you to the Moose Lodge and our community for your generous support of the animals!

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Round of Apaws
Organizers of the event
Tallest with donated pet supplies