Round of Apaws: Adoption Event Supporters

Thank you to our community of supporters for adopting animals, and sharing the no-fee adoption event on social media. Your support placed nearly sixty animals in new homes, providing capacity for MCAS to train new staff members.

Thank you to Oregon Humane Society (OHS) for planning, supporting, and promoting our Fee-Waived Adoption Event on June 4-5. OHS Operations staff coordinated with MCAS leadership to orchestrate the event. OHS assisted with event logistics and adoption consultations on site.

Thank you to MCAS and OHS Volunteers for coming out in force to support the event, showing animals to interested adopters, and helping to clean kennels.

Thank you to Multnomah County Roads for providing traffic and parking support, and coordinating with shelter staff to assist visitors attending for other business.

Event Coverage on KATU News

Adoption Special
Round of Apaws
OHS Staff member, Nicole, with adopter and dog on June 4 at the event

Laura Klink

OHS Staff Member, Nicole, with Heath the dog and his adopter.
OHS Volunteer, Lila, and adoptable dog
OHS Volunteer, Lila, and adoptable dog
Oregon Humane Society logo
Oregon Humane Society orchestrated the event