Ray K. - December 2023 Volunteer of the Month

Meet Ray K., our December volunteer of the month. Ray has contributed to many different roles and projects, from the TNR program, fostering cats and kittens, helping in the cattery, and participating in outreach events.

About Ray

  • Time of service: 12 years
  • Roles: Cats, cat and kitten foster, outreach and events, hammer & nails

How did you learn about volunteering?

I was at the shelter looking at kittens. The woman helping me said I should consider volunteering. We volunteered together. Yikes, that was an adventure.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

The staff are all very friendly and more relaxed than a few years ago. We are now headed in a good direction. Lots of improvements going on. Great volunteers to visit with and socialize with. But my favorite thing is trying to make the cats have a better day when I’m at the shelter. At home I love turning Foster cats around that would not have had a chance to be socialized. Oh yes- then my wife is trying to figure out how many cats we really own.

What are some of your favorite volunteer memories or experiences?

Working on the TNR  (apartment cat team) project. We helped so many cats at mobile home parks and apartment houses and gave much info to tenants. 

Also going to one of those apartments to pick up a cat late at night when a female tenant had committed suicide. That's how fast things can change in an animal’s life. 

Mow Mow a nice cat. 

Going to the Rail Museum adoption event and visiting with nice people.

The Belmont library with a bunch of kittens, the employees there had so much fun playing with them- they came and adopted some the next day.

What's something you want the public to know about volunteering or shelter animals?

It makes you feel good about yourself helping the animals. You now belong to a group that thinks like you do so you have friends to socialize with and they're all nice.

We do not get to choose which animals come through our doors. Some animals come from horrific conditions. Fosters work hard to normalize their lives and turn them around. 

Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and it’s hard if the public passes them over for something more sweet and cuddly.  

Fostering animals is much needed, I love trying to socialize them (I like this part). But adopting them out is emotionally painful, causes anxiety and stress for days before and after they leave.

Anything else you'd like to include?

I can’t say enough good things about the staff. This is a great place to volunteer.

Thank you, Ray, for your volunteer service to the pets and people of Multnomah County!

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Ray K. with cat