Princess and Veronica Reunited After Ten Years

Read how Princess the Chihuahua was reunited with her person, Veronica, after ten long years of being lost. Learn how you can keep your pets safe through licensing and microchipping.

Princess, a thirteen year old Chihuahua, was brought to MCAS anonymously on September 21. Staff members scanned and found a microchip during Princess's health exam, and checked the microchip registries for owner information, learning that Princess was registered to Veronica. However, the phone number on the registry was no longer valid. Staff then called the veterinary clinic that implanted the microchip to check for updated information, but they had the same phone number on file. As a final effort, staff sent a letter by mail to Veronica's last known address. 

On Tuesday, September 29, Veronica visited the shelter to reclaim Princess. After ten long years, it was a tearful and happy reunion.

Stories of long-lost pets like Princess being reunited with their people provide hope for many community members searching for lost pets. They also highlight the importance of licensing and microchipping pets, and updating contact information.

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Princess reunited with Veronica