MCAS Project Management Update - January 2024

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide an update on the project management activities addressing the concerns of the 2023 review, and the implementation of the MCAS Phase 3 Strategic Plan. This report covers activities for the month of January 2024 and represents the status of MCAS projects at a static point in time as of the date of this memorandum.


MCAS has developed a dashboard that shows real-time status of recommendations and projects.

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This month MCAS continues to update and develop policies and work instructions necessary to support its operational model. Highlights of this work are:

  • Documents Under Revision or Pending Approval
    • Adoption Policy and Expectations
    • MCAS Be On the Lookout (BOLO) Template
    • Impoundment of Animals
    • Client Information Request Policy
    • Admission Behavior Pathway Work Instruction
    • Public Appeal Hearing Recording and Streaming Procedure
    • Information on Handling Animals Exposed to Human Biohazard
    • MCAS Document Inventory Processes and Procedures

Projects in-Progress




1. Safety and well-being of pets in our care

Animal Enrichment

The enrichment calendar that guides in-kennel enrichments for dogs, cats and small animals is in place and being performed daily. Dog play groups are happening multiple days a week and are being expanded as the staff gain more experience and efficiency. Animals with special needs are being identified and individual enrichment plans are being implemented.

2. Policy and Procedure standardization and accountability

Behavior Documentation

Behavior assessment documentation procedures have been developed and tested with staff. Documentation expectations are being developed and tested for field services, volunteers and observations during enrichment.

3. Culture/change management and transparency

Informational Hub

Training for the MCAS Informational Hub is in development for leadership and staff. Targeting all-staff release on March 14, 2024.

4. Culture/change management and transparency

Phone System and WaitWhile Project

Phone system updates are complete. Testing on the WaitWhile application continues. with a potential initial project release in February 2024.

5. Volunteer management, hiring and onboarding; right-sizing staff with identifiable methodology

Onboarding/Training Plan

MCAS has decided to integrate the onboarding of volunteers using the DCS Human Resources on-boarding process. Volunteer training is being added to the DCS Training Requirements spreadsheet and training content continues to be developed.

6. Data integrity/quality analysis

Data Integrity and Reporting Workgroup

The two recommendations related to this item are long-term goals that will require third party vendor work and significant coordination with our ASAP Partners so we can report across the region. Planning these recommendations for mid-2024.

7. Safety and well-being of pets in Animal Services’ care

Expand In-house Spay and Neuter Program

New vet is onboarded. Currently hiring for a CVT to support in-house work. Continuing the work with other entities to support the Spay and Neuter Program.

8. Culture/change management/transparency

Community Advisory Council

Internal core planning team has been identified, scope and planning meetings have been scheduled. Currently in the process of developing a timeline and potential members.

9. Culture/change management/transparency

Foster Program Updates

Project rescheduled due to staff availability. Will start in March 2024. Multiple goals for the 2024 Foster Program have been established. Kick-off meetings are scheduled.

Shelter Care