Leash Your Dog to Protect Petlandia

The Portland area is one of the most dog-friendly communities in the nation. And we got there by creating space for people and their animals at off-leash dog parks. We have a flourishing network of services and businesses that welcome and cater to pets. And we have a progressive system of enforcement for dogs that prioritizes education and second chances. We don’t discriminate against canine size or breed.

This Petlandia or dog-topia that we share and love only works if we all observe local laws and ordinances that keep people and animals safe- including leash laws.

Multnomah County Ordinances

In Multnomah County, it is unlawful for dogs to be at-large. Being at-large means the dog isn’t securely restrained by a fence, gate, door, or screen while at home, and when in public, is not restrained by a leash or tether that is less than 8 feet long and under the physical control of a capable person. (Multnomah County Code §13.305 (B) 1)

Allowing a dog to be at-large is a Class C Infraction, which carries a fine of up to $150 for the first offense, and may increase with each instance.

Animal Services Officers provide all possible education and support to help animal owners comply with Multnomah County Ordinances and Oregon State animal welfare laws. However, citations are merited for instances involving willful disregard for laws and ordinances, repeat violations, or where animals present safety concerns.

Dog Off-Leash Areas

Dogs are free to roam in the designated off-leash areas of many municipal parks- both fenced and not. Each of our local cities has its own rules for dogs and their owners within these areas, including requirements that people carry a leash that can be readily attached in an emergency or when going to or leaving the off-leash area.

If you see a problem with at-large dogs in Portland Parks, please call 503-823-1637 to report it to Park Rangers. In other public spaces, please call 503-988-7387 to file a complaint with Multnomah County Animal Services.

Dogs on School Grounds

It’s also not lawful to allow dogs off-leash at local schools. While school yards may seem like a good place to let your dog loose, owners can face potential fines and cause negative impacts to students and the landscape.

Dogs at-large on school grounds can lead to injuries and bites to children and others on playground equipment. Holes or divots made by dogs in turf can lead to injuries, and dog waste that is not picked up can be a nuisance and hazard for students at play.

Please protect our animal loving Petlandia by managing pets appropriately at home and in public. 

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Dog on leash outside

Motoya Nakamura

Dog on leash outside

Motoya Nakamura