Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - March 2023

As MCAS responds to a shelter population and staffing crisis, we want to thank you, our supporters and stakeholders, for making a difference. We appreciate the extraordinary efforts of volunteers, donors, adopters, community partners, Chair Jessica Vega Pederson and Multnomah County leadership, as well as Emergency Management personnel to support shelter animals and find positive outcomes.

We remain committed to transparency surrounding our actions and operations, and the process of reviewing and addressing contributing issues to the ongoing situation, and above all— implementing solutions for the wellbeing of the animals in our care and for the community we serve.

While the immediate shelter population surge is resolved, we know that there are long-term systemic issues to address concerning staff retention, and managing flow and care for the shelter population.

MCAS is requesting support from the public to adopt, volunteer, and foster.

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Foster volunteer Brandy and Emergency Management Analyst Alice with a kitten
Foster volunteer Brandy and Emergency Management Analyst Sr. Alice with a kitten