Fees Waived For Stray Pets

Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) waives impound and board fees for stray pets brought to the shelter.

Waiving impound and board fees serves multiple objectives: 

  • MCAS aims to reduce the length of stay for stray animals in order to send lost pets home as soon as possible.
  • Reducing the shelter population will create more capacity to serve animals in need as they arrive.
  • The fee-waivers are intended to remove financial barriers for community members to reclaim their lost pets without delay during this financially challenging period.

Donations are welcome and encouraged to support shelter services in lieu of impound and boarding fees.


Fee waivers apply to stray animals impounded by officers, or brought in by members of the public.

Fee waivers would not apply for owners found guilty of cruelty or neglect, failure to provide proper care, dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs, or for pets who are willfully abandoned.

  • Impound fees are $50 for dogs, and $30 for cats. 
  • Boarding fees are $25 per day for dogs, and $18 a day for cats.
Bailey the cat