Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease in Oregon

There are increased cases of an unknown canine respiratory illness. Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) and Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) are investigating.

The most recognizable sign of Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease is a honking cough. It can also sound like retching or gagging that gets worse with exercise. Not all dogs will have a cough. Other signs include sneezing, a runny nose or eyes, or fever.

Keep dogs safe from respiratory illness by:

  • Making sure all dogs are up-to-date on all their vaccines. These include canine influenza, Bordetella and parainfluenza. Ask your vet about which vaccinations your dog may need.
  • Keeping sick dogs at home if you notice a runny nose, cough, fever, or loss of appetite.
  • Consulting with your vet about any symptoms of illness!
  • Reducing contact with sick dogs.
  • Avoiding communal water bowls shared by other dogs. 
  • Consulting with your vet before bringing your dog to events or locations with other dogs. This includes dog parks, boarding facilities, or special events with other dogs.
  • Reducing contact with large numbers of unknown dogs. The more contacts your dog has, the greater the risk of meeting a dog that’s infectious.

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