Photo for 106586 [shoto]

Lost Report lr106586


Location Information

Date lost: Monday, February 12, 2024
Location lost: Portland , OR 97220, USA


Species: Cat
Breed: Other
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Color: White, Brown
Coat: Long, Smooth
Eye color: Blue
Ear type: Rose
Tail type: Full
Altered: No

shoto (pronounced show-toe) responds to his name but is very shy and scared of new people. he responds to the question “are you hungry?” and follows the sound of tapping a bowl. he has bright blue eyes and a big brown spot on his back. his tail is completely black/brown and he has a black spot on his nose. please let me know if you’ve seen him. thank you.


(971) 506-6390 (Call or text is OK)

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