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Location Information

Date found: Sunday, February 11, 2024
Area found: NE 86th Ave & NE Sacramento St , Portland, OR 97220


Species: Dog
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Color: Tan, White
Coat: Short, Smooth
Altered: Not Sure

Dog approached my dog and seemed very friendly but my dog was not interested and he did not get the hint. I yelled for him to go home and yelled for a owner. He had no collar and I’ve never seen him before. He didn’t run off he kept circling and trying to sniff my dog who was getting aggressive. He followed us. I went back out after bringing my dog home with food and water. He at first ran up on me but kept a distance. Didn’t seem interested in the food or water. Followed me but stayed 4-5 feet away. Would run up then back off. He followed me to ne russell and 86 th ave then not sure where he went. I thought he got out of someone’s yard but so far not sure who


This pet is being cared for by a Good Samaritan in the community. If you think this is your pet, please contact the person caring for it using the information below:

(971) 717-4558 (Prefers texts only, no calls)

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