¡HOLA! Me llamo Tommy

Photo for 71680 [Tommy]

At this time, community members aren't able to visit the shelter to browse adoption kennels, and adoptions are limited to the virtual process.

Just like the Bon Jovi song, Tommy's been down on his luck, its tough, so tough....

When I first came into the shelter as a stray, I was scared, but have been doing so much better and am learning that people are not scary! I like to go on walks, to chase balls (even if I forget to bring them back), and I know down and shake!

My breed tends to have a high prey drive and I would need to go to a home with no small animals, or cats. I would also need to meet any dogs I may live with.

If you would like a very smart energetic boy to share your life, please fill out my application today!

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