Public Appeal Hearings

Multnomah County Ordinance provides that an Animal Services Hearings Officer shall hold a public hearing on any properly filed appeal to Notices of Infraction (NOI), or Potentially Dangerous Animal Classifications.

In order to observe social distancing requirements and recommendations from public health officials in response to COVID-19, Public Appeal Hearings are held online. 

Defendants or counsel can provide the names and e-mail addresses of witnesses to appear, or any guests to attend the hearing in support of the defendant to Nicole Hagen (, and an invitation to the virtual hearing will be provided by e-mail. 

Failure to appear at a scheduled hearing for your case may result in forfeiture of any right to any further appeal for the related violation or determination.

Hearings are open for public attendance.

Hearing Days & Times

  • Public Appeal Hearings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 1 pm

See Upcoming Public Hearings

Rules of Conduct for Public Appeal Hearings

  • No recording of the hearing by any unauthorized persons
  • Participants and witnesses must remain on mute (if virtual), or silent unless they are testifying, questioning witnesses or answering questions
  • Only one person shall speak at a time
  • No profanity or abusive behavior will be tolerated
  • Inspection of personal items may occur upon entry to the hearings room
  • No large bags, backpacks, or purses will be allowed into the hearings room
  • No weapons of any kind
  • Cell phones must be muted
  • No pets are allowed
  • The Hearing’s Office reserves the right to remove any individual from the hearing

To submit evidence for hearings

  • E-mail photos, documents, or other relevant files to Nicole Hagen at 
  • Reference the case number in the e-mail subject line and body. 
  • Evidence must be submitted by 5 pm on the day before the hearing. All evidence will be distributed by e-mail on the day of the hearing to:
    • The hearings officer
    • The defendant and their legal counsel
    • The county representative
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