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Animal ID: 313268
No se recomienda gatos en casa


Raza: Labrador retriever
Sexo: Hembra
Edad: 5 years 1 month
Peso: 103 lbs
Pelaje: Mediano, Liso
Color: Amarillo
Color de los ojos: Café
Tipo de oreja: Caídas
Tipo de cola: Completa
Ubicacione: Refugio de Troutdale

Costos estimados

Costo de adopción: $160.00
Tarifas por licencias: $27.00 (Multnomah County residents only)

Sobre mí

Rose is a social butterfly who adores human companionship. Her warm and friendly demeanor makes her a joy to be around, and she's always ready to greet you with a wagging tail and a big, happy smile. Whether it's cuddling on the couch or playing in the yard, Rose is happiest when she's by your side, soaking up all the love and attention you have to offer. One of Rose's preferences is to be the only canine in her new home. She thrives on one-on-one interaction and would love to be the center of your world. Come meet this charming girl and discover the joy of having her as part of your family!
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