Photo for 109367 [Bruce]


Animal ID: 313208


Raza: Pitbull terrier americano
Sexo: Macho
Edad: 1 year 1 month
Peso: 77 lbs
Pelaje: Corto, Liso
Color: Gris, Blanco
Color de los ojos: Café
Tipo de oreja: Dobladas
Tipo de cola: Completa
Ubicacione: En cuidado temporal

Costos estimados

Costo de adopción: $160.00
Tarifas por licencias: $27.00 (Multnomah County residents only)

Sobre mí

Hey there, I'm Bruce! I am a charming Pitbull mix and I'm on a quest to find my forever family! 💙 It might take me a smidge of time to warm up to new faces and places, but once I do, get ready for non-stop love and cuddles! Sure, I might pull a bit on the leash, but with some patience, positive reinforcement training and tasty treats, I'll strut my stuff like a pro in no time! When it comes to furry friends, I'm all about making buddies, but let's do it the proper way, with a gentle and slow introduction, okay? And hey, while I wouldn't mind being the star of the show as the only pet, I promise to fill your home with endless joy and tail wags! So, if you're ready to open your heart to a loyal and utterly adorable companion, look no further than me! I am waiting for my happily ever after, so let's meet and see if we're destined to be the cutest duo ever! 🥰 I am currently in a foster home and they say I am the sweetest guy ever, and love every person that I have met! I love to play with toys and will play fetch as long as you let me! I do like to have people in my site at all times, I am slowly learning its okay to be alone. My foster parents are also working on leash training with me. This animal is in foster care! Apply to adopt them online!
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