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Animal ID: 299733


Raza: Perro de refugio estadounidense
Sexo: Macho
Edad: 1 year 5 months
Peso: 67.4 lbs
Tamaño: Grande
Pelaje: Corto, Liso
Color: Café, Blanco
Color de los ojos: Azul
Tipo de oreja: Caídas
Tipo de cola: Completa
Ubicacione: En cuidado temporal

Costos estimados

Costo de adopción: $160.00
Tarifas por licencias: $27.00 (Multnomah County residents only)

Sobre mí

Introducing... Cobb! A charming young boy with a generous spirit who loooves belly rubs. Cobb is what you might call a "velcro dog" as he is always eager to be by your side and explore the world with you. He's mastered the art of being house and crate trained, showing no destructive behavior whatsoever. Since he can sleep peacefully through the night in his own bed a crate overnight isn't necessary. He's also a calm companion during car rides. Cobb's enthusiasm for food is matched only by his gentle manners-he's not shown any signs of food aggression and even enjoys munching on ice cubes! He responds well to his name, knows basic commands, and is eager to learn more. Cobb would thrive in a home with another large, secure dog who can help boost his confidence. Being still young, he's working on understanding social cues from other canines, so a patient companion who can gently correct him is ideal. While he may still get a bit overzealous with greetings and jumping, he's making great progress. Ongoing leash training is recommended to ensure consistent redirection. It's also recommended not having cats in the household. But above all, Cobb's biggest wish is to find his forever human-the one who'll cherish him endlessly. This animal is in foster care! Apply to adopt them online!
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