Photo for 107207 [Rainy]


Animal ID: 273202


Raza: Gato doméstico de pelaje corto
Sexo: Hembra
Edad: 4 years 5 months
Peso: 10.6 lbs
Tamaño: Grande
Pelaje: Corto, Liso
Color: Café, Crema
Tipo de oreja: Erguidas
Tipo de cola: Completa
Ubicacione: En cuidado temporal

Costos estimados

Costo de adopción: $80.00
Tarifas por licencias: $15.00 (Multnomah County residents only)

Sobre mí

🐾 Meet Rainy! 🌧️ Hello, I'm Rainy, and I'm on a journey of transformation! Despite a rocky start in life, I've made incredible strides in foster care. Where once I felt fear and frustration, I've learned that being around humans means treats, playtime, and plenty of love! I'm a big fan of wand toys and engaging conversations-I'm quite the chatterbox when I'm feeling comfortable! Currently, I share my space with foster siblings, but I do require a bit of separation during feeding times. In the past, I've struggled with fear of hands and trust issues, but with patience and understanding, I'm learning to open up. It took my foster parents months to gain my trust enough to pet me, so you may need to start by petting me with your eyes only. I've been known to react with a nip or a scratch, but I promise I'm working on it! I'm looking for a quiet, low-traffic home where I can continue to grow and flourish. A household with no kids under 12 or dogs would be best for me. If you're willing to be patient and go slow, allowing me the time and space I need to blossom, then I'm certain we could be a purr-fect match! If you believe we could be the perfect companions for each other, don't hesitate to apply to meet me today. Together, we can weather any storm and bask in the sunshine of love and understanding. 🌈🐾 This animal is in foster care! Apply to adopt them online!
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