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Animal ID: 302873


Порода: Домашняя короткошерстная
Пол: Мужской
Возраст: 7 years 5 months
Вес: 10.1 lbs
Размер: Средний
Тип шерсти: Короткий, Мягкая
Oкрас: Серый
Цвет глаз: Зеленый
Форма ушей: Стоячие
Тип хвоста: Длинный
Информация о местонахождении: Troutdale Shelter

Ориентировочная стоимость

Стоимость усыновления: $30.00
сборы за предоставление лицензии: $15.00 (Multnomah County residents only)

Oбо мне

Meet Mickey, the quiet and independent feline with a touch of mystery. With his sleek coat and thoughtful gaze, Mickey is a cat who values his space and solitude. Shy by nature, Mickey enjoys his own company but is a loyal and steadfast companion once he trusts you. He takes pride in keeping his space clean and tidy, preferring to have two litter boxes to ensure everything stays just right. While he may be reserved, Mickey could live with another cat if introduced properly. In his world, quiet moments are cherished, and he offers a gentle presence to those who understand him. With Mickey by your side, you'll find comfort in his serene demeanor and appreciate the beauty of his silent companionship. 🐈💖
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