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走失日期:星期六, 九月 24, 2022
地点: 6783 N Fessenden St , Portland, OR 97203


品种: 狗
品种: 美国比特斗牛犬
性别: 公
大小: 大
颜色: 白色, 白色
眼睛颜色: 蓝色
耳朵类型: 垂耳
尾巴类型: 折尾
是否阉割: 否

I adopt rowdy (previously rodeo) from MCAS 9/9/2022…. He’s a pure white pitbull with a bent tail from a previous break before I got him…. He’s a huge sweetheart, he loves other dogs… he was stolen from North Columbia Way & North Fessenden st in St. John’s from The Melrose Apartment complex… I made a police report but police said they can’t help for some reason…. They said this is a civil matter… I’ve already searched the homeless encampment off midway and the cut….


Jessica Lee
(971) 217-4461 (电话或短信都可以)