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Animal ID: 252455

Chi tiết

Giống: Mèo Nuôi Lông Ngắn
Giới tính: Cái
Tuổi: 5 years 6 months
Cân nặng: 12.6 lbs
Kích thước: Lớn
Loại Bộ Lông: Ngắn, Mượt
Màu: Nâu
Màu Mắt: Vàng
Loại Tai: Vểnh
Loại Đuôi: Thuần Giống
Vị trí: Nhà Nuôi Dưỡng

Chi phí ước tính

Chi phí nhận con nuôi: $80.00
Lệ phí cấp giấy phép: $15.00 (Multnomah County residents only)

Về tôi

At this time, community members aren't able to visit the shelter to browse adoption kennels, and adoptions are limited to the virtual process. Because I have recovered from a back injury, I am nervous about being picked up. Give me sweet words and routine that includes eating and some window time (she likes to watch and listen to the goings-on). I thrive when my environment is calm and predictable, and enjoy head scratches. I'll enjoy time being near you, but not necessarily wanting to be pet or held. Is that okay? The shelter will discuss how to best integrate me into your home, and help me continue to become my best self. Children in my new home will need to be 12-years and up.
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