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Информация о местонахождении

Дата пропажи: Воскресенье, Май 22, 2022
Местонахождение: 2525 NE 34th Ave , Portland, OR 97212

Подробная информация

Вид: Собака
Порода: Золотистый ретривер
Пол: Женский
Размер: Средний
Окрас: Золотистый
Шерсть: Средний, Густая
Цвет глаз: Коричневый
Форма ушей: Загнутые
Тип хвоста: Длинный
Стерилизация: Да

Goldilocks is the dog on the front dog bed. She has the harness on her like in the photo. She was a street dog in Spain and hit by a car there and no vet work so she limps and if she has been running she will undoubtedly not put any weight on her rear left leg. She is gold in color and 64 lbs. She does not yet come by her name as she has been in Golden Bond Rescue for a little less than a week.



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