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Información de ubicación

Fecha de extravío: Domingo, Julio 3, 2022
Ubicación: 12521 NW Springville Rd , Portland, OR 97229


Especie: Perro
Raza: Leopardo de Catahoula
Sexo: Hembra
Color: Blanco, Café
Pelaje: Corto, Liso
Color de los ojos: Azul
Modificado: Sí

Did you pick up this dog?! Our dog got out and our neighbor across the street said someone picked her up and was going to take her to the humane society. We are SO worried because the humane society is closed until Tuesday and she is currently on chemo and on medication day and night. If you picked you her please call us as soon as possible so we can bring her home.


(801) 326-9920 (Puede llamar o enviar un mensaje de texto.)

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