Photo for 54729 [Moonbeam (cowslip)]

Moonbeam (cowslip)

Animal ID: 266629


Breed: Other
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years 4 months
Weight: 7.9 lbs
Color: White
Location: In Foster

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About me

All incoming stray rabbits are required to undergo a 14 day quarantine for RHDV2 in accordance with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). This rabbit may be still within that initial quarantine period at the time of adoption. Our adoption counselors can review the current status of this rabbit with you at the time of your counseling session and answer any questions you may have. About RHDV2: RHDV2, or rabbit hemorrhagic disease, is a virus that causes sudden death in rabbits, wild or domestic. The disease is highly contagious among rabbit populations. RHDV2 poses no health risk to humans, dogs or cats; the virus only infects rabbits. Moonbeam is quite a sweet girl after her time with special attention in foster. She is much more comfortable around people. She is a little cautious still with new people, but once she gets to know you she is quite interactive. She enjoys having space to run around and especially likes tunnels and boxes. Like most rabbits, she doesn't really enjoy being held, but she does better sitting on a lap. My favorite is when I come in to get her some dinner and she runs to the gate and stretches up on her hind legs. She squeezes her little nose out and boops me. I think she would prefer a quieter home, but she does well as a house rabbit, running around exploring and using her litterbox. She is quite responsive to yummy greens and even eating kibble right out of your hand. It is a good way to make fast friends.
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