Photo for 20462 [Ms Midnight]

Ms Midnight

Animal ID: 229559


Breed: Other
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years 3 months
Weight: 10.2 lbs
Size: Large
Coat: Short, Smooth
Color: Black, White
Ear Type: Pricked
Tail Type: Bob
Location: Troutdale Shelter

Estimated Costs

Adoption cost: $30.00

About me

At this time, community members aren't able to visit the shelter to browse adoption kennels, and adoptions are limited to the virtual process. Ms. Midnight has learned that while people disrupt her space for cleaning each day, they deliver tasty, leafy greens so she tolerates housekeeping then rearranges her things back to her liking! She is a large rabbit and will need a good size hutch or other appropriate housing. Like most rabbits, she is cautious around new people and situations - be consistently gentle in your interactions with her, offer her safe chewing toys/treats and your patience will be rewarded. Ms. Midnight loves to play with cardboard boxes! Continue her litter box training so that she is tidy house rabbit.
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